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A Unique Opportunity in Kauai

It's an understatement for me to say it is incredibly hard to start a business from scratch. Especially in Utah as a photographer. Utah has a breathtaking amount of diverse landscape -- lush green mountains in the North and fiery red rock South -- as well as being home to an overwhelming value of family and love. That being said, it's clear to see why photography is so popular here. Three months have passed since my graduation with a photography certification and I am taking every chance that comes my way to further my skills and business as a professional photographer.

Right before my husband and I went to Kauai for a vacation the beginning of 2017, a post caught my eye on Facebook. It was from the wedding dress company Elizabeth Cooper Design. They were looking for photographers in 2017 traveling outside of Utah who would be willing to bring one of their gowns on the trip. I leaped at the opportunity!! A friend of mine had an acquaintance from the island who agreed, just as excitedly as myself, to be part of the shoot, as the model.

Suitcase in hand -- packed with my toothbrush, fanny pack, and the wedding dress -- we headed to Kauai.

The day of the shoot came and my nerves were on end. It had been raining all morning and my model was hinting at cancelling herself due to the weather. At the slightest glimmer of the sky clearing, we set out to the West side of the island. Olivia, the model, drove my husband and I with her to the location she had picked out and my heart sank, in a not-so-good way, as we drove. We seemed to have driven past endless hills and forests of green and emerged in a dry, brown wasteland. The more we continued forward, the more I feared we were missing the "golden" spots to set up the shoot. Eventually Olivia parked the car off the side of the road and led the way to her unknown destination.

My breath was immediately taken away.

Paradise was right before our eyes! We were on a completely green hillside that dropped straight off into an enormous canyon, in the distance fell an immense waterfall. On one side of us the bushes were exploding with luscious pink flowers and the other side held forests of bamboo. The best part was that we were literally the only people there the entire time. I can't properly express just how beautiful the sight was to behold.

After helping Olivia into the dress we spent the next two hours taking pictures of the perfect gown on the perfect model in the perfect location. Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself.

You can continue to follow my journey as a photographer on my Instagram account @reel_imagery

You can also follow this beautiful wedding gown from Elizabeth Cooper Design using the hashtag #whereintheworldisalexandra

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