Gaining My Education

Some of you might have noticed a logo of a dragonfly on my site that leads to a page proclaiming myself to be a FotoFly Certified Photographer. I worked for the local Utah photography company FotoFly for a few years, but as an editor rather than a photographer. Gaining my education and certification from the FotoFly Academy is completely different from the years I worked for them. Especially in Utah it's very common for people to have someone in their life that professes to be some sort of professional photographer. I don't mean to criticize anyone trying to follow their passion, but there needs to be a line drawn when using the term "professional photographer". Owning a nice camera and taki

Hi, Hello, How Do You Do

As I'm sitting here drumming my fingers on my desk trying to write this first post, I find myself having to push past my negative stereotypes of blogs. I have nothing against bloggers, in fact I love reading all kinds of blogs, but I never in a million years thought I would have one. I don't fall into any category I can think of -- mommy bloggers, food bloggers, blogging for mental health, etc. "I'm just an average Joe", I keep thinking. "Who would want to hear from me?" Thinking back on my own wedding 9 months ago my videographer comes particularly to mind. I had emailed several businesses inquiring their services for filming and many responded very positively. Eventually we chose the one w

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